Monday, July 28, 2008

"Denigrating Things To Make Himself Seem Important...Which He's Not"

Below is a banner from the bottom of the main page of the Yawkey Way Store. Click to enlarge, and then see if you can figure out what's wrong with it:

Oh, just that the Red Sox' championship years are WRONG. Terrible job. They've left out 1916. And they've added 1904--a year in which we very well could have won the World Series...had one been played. The worst part about it is that the store actually is team-property now, as opposed to when it used to be the independent "The Souvenir Store." Who's in charge over there??

Here's another one. I saw this ad for a ticket-scalping agency on the New York Times' website. (It's one of the ones that was bought out by Ticketmasturbator.) Again, see if you can spot the mistakes:

Maybe I should've said "see if you can find anything that isn't a mistake....

Sox vs. Angels, 7:05.

Somebody has a lisp.
I saw the same mistake on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard in like 1990, and for some reason, I still remember it. It said "May 31th."

Actually, it may have been the "Mel Hall game" that like four current bloggers went to, so many years before the internet....

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