Friday, July 11, 2008

Close, But Nose Cigar

So the S0x lose, thanks in small part to one of the worst umpire calls of all-time. But the Yank5 lose, and the Devs lose, too.

While H3idi was doing a crowd spot, a woman behind her turned to her friend and planted a big ki55 on her mouth. Since I was at my parents' house, with the modern-day TV and its rewinding feature, I was able to capture it for you:
Don and Jerry said nothing afterwards, though their "bocce balls" comments only made it funnier. (Especially if you saw the movie Splash.)

And I also captured something from the Yank33 game. Much funnier. My parents make a cameo in this one:

In the Yanks game, that play I like happened. When a fielder flips to another one, who throws to first for the out.
I still CANNOT believe those girls. hiLARious. I am about finished with 'the book'. got distracted by work..they actually expect me to do things for the company to get paid. love my email name is in as a blogger :) I'll be writing a review on my blog when im finished. Woooooooooo HOOOOOOOo. reading it makes me get motivated to reach my goal of publishing my poetry book this year now
Rest in peace, Bobby Murcer

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