Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baseball Bunch Video Clips

If you missed my interview with three members of The Baseball Bunch, click here. Okay, now that we're all on the same page, I want to show you a couple of clips from the show. The first is the closing theme:

That one really gives me goosebumps. It's a combination of that theme song and the players goofing around with the kids. This closing is from a video I have which shows highlights from various shows. (This was the "Pitching" video, featuring Dan Quisenberry, Tom Seaver, and Tug McGraw.) The only negatives with these tapes are that you don't get the opening theme (which had words --"we got a hunch you'll love the Baseball Bunch") and that you get Kool-Aid product placement. But if you're gonna get that, it might as well be Kool-Aid Man. Notice how Linda is credited not only as "Kate" but as part of the crew, just as she described in the interview. Also, this is a bit of an extended theme, so you get to hear the guitar player do some extra wankin' at the end.

Below is a clip of Tug McGraw with the Bunch:

This is from season one, so all our friends are there. Linda ("Kate") gets to ask Tug (her all-time fave) a question, and gets to stand up there with him--though "Michelle" ends up stealing the show, unfortunately. At the end, Ed ("Freddie") grabs a bat and Johnny shows the difference between his strike zone and the Chicken's. And Erik ("Rick") gets to ask a question in that segment.

I'd forgotten about the whole Dennis the Menace/Mr. Wilson dynamic between Johnny and the Chicken. I really wish they would put all the old episodes on DVD. Here's one more quick clip of Tom Seaver with Ed ("Freddie"):


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