Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aft. Bas.

3:41: Twins finally do something good. They go into the ninth down 5-0, but do enough to make Mo come in. But that's it. 5-1 Yanks, final. This is the last update of this post. I've got a softball game--unless it's rained out, I won't be around for the Sox game.

3:17: D-Rays win 4-3, Yanks still up 5-0 in the eighth.

2:53: Manny will be out of the lineup today with a sore knee. We're facing the Monarch, but we've done well against him at Safeco.

2:49: Rays up 4-2 after 7. Yanks up 5-0, so I hope the Devils stay up to keep the Yanks from getting closer to first. Unless the Twins make a great comeback. But I think half the team is already on the bus looking at their watches.

2:19: Twins thinking "getaway day" means make outs as quick as you can and get out of Stadium you're deathly afraid of because you're Pull-Up-wearin' toddlers who can't wait to get back home and beat up on the Royals. 2-0 Yanks after 5. TB up 3-2, top 7th.

2:00 PM: TB up 3-2, top 6th. Yanks still 0-0, top 5th.

Update, 1:37 PM: These games moving right along. Twins-Yanks scoreless after 2. Devs down 2-0, top 5.

Rays on at 12-something, Yanks at 1, and Sox at 4:40. That's chronological order--for order of importance, read backwards.


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