Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whitewash In PA/Title In MA

The Cancer Kid baffled Philly axmen over seven blank frames to-night, tagging them with the stigma of the "Chicago." Okajima and Papelbon each threw a scoreless inning, the latter whiffing all three Brotherly Lovers to complete the whitewash.

An amateur nine couldn't have fared worse against Mister Lester than the Quakers did in this outing. They played with that slow, lifeless style credited to Philapelphians.* The Hub road warriors retain a two-game lead in the American East.

Centre-fielder Crisp continued to swing the ash-stick like the blades of a mighty windmill, striking his third long-ball in as many contests. The blow gave the Bostons a two to nil lead. Lugo accounted for the third and final run by the Americans by connecting on a double, plating Crisp. The Phils' mound-man was ol' Moyer, who has managed to squeeze an entire career between championships of the Celtics basketball club from Boston. Moyer's first game came eight days after the Celts won the trophy 22 years ago, and his most recent performance to-night came mere hours before the hoopsters captured their 17th title back in Beantown tonight.**

*I don't actually believe this to be true! But I got the phrase "that slow, lifeless style credited to Philapelphians" from a New York Times article from 1894 about a Philly-Giants game. Isn't that crazy?

**I wrote that with like six minutes left, Kobe!

I watched that John Adams miniseries recently, and at one point he yells at some philadelphians for being too cautious and deliberative and says that their "quaker sensibility" is pissing him off. So maybe they do have a rep for being slow and lifeless.

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