Saturday, June 28, 2008

Unoriginal People, You Have A Problem

Red Sox win in Houston. A very weird sentence to write. Nice to see Dice bounce back from the crappy game that followed his DL stint. We gain a game on the Yanks, who won by nine and lost by nine in two different ballparks in one day. The Rays stayed a half game back with a win. I don't know about all of you, but I love having the Rays (or any other team) up near the top with us. That's one more team the Yanks have to beat out to make the playoffs. Until it gets to the point where the (Devil) Rays are really a threat to keep us out of October, I'll have no problem enjoying their success. Again, it has nothing to do with who's there, just that they're there. I mean, sure, I want to win the division by 30 games over everybody, but it's no big deal if some other non-Yankee team stays close to us if it means the Yanks have one more team ahead of them.

Two questions came to mind while watching the game last night. The first is, "Do you have any idea what Pedroia sticks to the underside of the bill of his batting helmet when he gets on base?". The second is, "Think you could you invent some type of batting gloves that will stay correctly adjusted for more than one pitch, especially when the batter doesn't even swing?". It sure would help to speed up the games a little bit.
Perfect logic. I agree 100%. Oh, I didn't know about the Dirty Water blog...I'm checking it out right now. Jere, this book will be BIG, and if you do the trip with your Mom to the West Hartford library, I will make sure to be there. Or in Avon...your Mom has been there too. I forgot which bookseller it was, though. Have a nice weekend...boy, we should have won Saturday night. Josh time!

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