Friday, June 06, 2008

TJ By Hay May (& Co.)

My photos from last night will be coming soon. But I just wanted to say something. It seems like whenever I watch SportsDesk with Hazel Mae, she says something either totally inaccurate, or just generally gives an opinion that seems way off. And I don't blame Hazel herself--depending on how much of a hand she has in writing the copy. But what comes out of her mouth always seems to be from some sort of outsider's point of view, instead of from the network which shows and is owned by the Red Sox. Do you ever get this feeling? It's like, Hey, if you're unsure, just go over and ask TC or or somebody else who's actually paying attention. They're right there!

Latest example: Last night, Hazel mentions Youk going out to play right field, and adds that it was "his first time ever" out there. You don't even have to be a die-hard to remember that within the last month, Kevin Youkilis has played right field. Anybody who casually tunes in most nights had a good chance of seeing him out there on May 13th. Even if you didn't see it, you still may have read about this rare occurrence in the next day's game story. But if you are the network that shows every game, YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS. The only excuse I can think for them is that maybe she meant it was his first time in right field at Fenway. But anybody watching that would assume she meant "first time playing the position." Terrible job.

i totally agree about hazel. i kinda can't stand her.
It really irks me that she can't say Giambi without preceding it with "Big Pipes".
I thought Youk had played RF previously. However, I also am pretty sure that either Remy and/or DO had said the same thing -- that it was his first time out there ever! I blame the Sox fact-checkers as they probably had not updated their stats in the last month.
Just found this today.
Don't know if it's news to you or not.
Yeah I heard, thanks.

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