Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three Things With No Comedic Numbering

1. I am gonna open up the comments section to a game thread tonight, though I will only be checking in with you occasionally. So hopefully at least two people show up. As Linda Richman said....

2. Retrosheet has been overhauled! A lot of people say "I can't imagine living without...." For me, that one thing is Retrosheet. They're using drop-down menus instead of the old frames system, and a bunch of new seasons' play-by-plays are up, too, including the elusive 1999, which for some reason was the one season they didn't have between the '50s and last year. Check out the new look over there. (I like how it still has a really basic look to it--no frills, and now it's easier to navigate and link to.)

3. The e-mails keep coming in, asking me to advertise for ticket agencies. I guess putting a big "AD-FREE" sign at the top of your sidebar and repeatedly writing about the evils of these places and telling people to never use them doesn't prevent them from saying to me:

I came across your site and think that it would be a great fit for our advertising campaigns.

With judgment like that, it's no wonder they think people would pay 180 bucks for 50-dollar grandstand seats on a weeknight when they're readily available for face value. Another "Orange Drink" moment. (click here, listen to the audio, don't pay attention to the video)

I get a few of those e-mails. They're pretty stupid... I usually don't even mention brand names of things I LIKE and SUPPORT, let alone ticket agencies.
Yeah, I've been getting them since right when I started blogging--but being outspoken about hating them does NOT make the emails stop...

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