Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sox @ Phils, 1:05 PM

[Update: SOX WIN 7-4. Thanks for threadin', everybody. Next one for me here will be next Tuesday night.]

[Update: MDC strikes out Howard with the tying runs on to end the 7th. 7-4 us in the 8th.]

[Update: After 4 and a half, it's 7-1 Sox. Drew is a triple shy of the cycle, and Masterson has only given up one hit. Coco left the game with "left hand discomfort." Come join us in the game thread in comments.]

I'll have a live game thread in comments here for this afternoon's game. Joy of Sox (on vacation) doesn't usually get many folks for the weekday afternoon games, so I might be all by myself here, but if you want to join in, moderation will be off. Thanks.

Masterson for us, Kendrick for them....

This is the first comment to make others think there's something going on here.
There is totally a lot of stuff going on's not just for appearances...
Harry Kalas is on with Castig on the radio...that voice still sounds like NFL films stuff to me...
Ha, Kalas. Yeah, I've heard Castig talk with him on a pre-game before. And yeah, I know what you mean about NFL.
"Hot shot behind second, MI-CKY MOR-AN-DI-NI backhands it, got him!"

All-time favorite name to hear Kalas say...
yeah he talks slow and whatnot
wow, Tom Caron literally rolled his eyes upon hearing the name Ryan Howard.
As Eck was saying, "who wants to watch a guy hit 40 HR who strikes out 200 times?" My gf loves Howard. She's gonna be pissed at Eck and TC when I tell her that.
I just burned the garlic making my "Jere's Bean Bowl." I'm gonna have to pull a Frank Costanza and put just the right amount of spices in to salvage it.
I got an advance quote from Leggett about your book:

"Is est maioribus libri umquam utpote vox of deus. EGO diligo is."

Pretty high praise, dude...
haha. You know, the Leggett quote I used was one for "praise for Jere's blog," and it was something he'd already written on his blog. The funny thing is, he's written it as a post that for some reason was directed AT me, so we had to tweak it...
Then again, he had this to say about the Celtics:

" celtics anhelo incendia super orbis terrarum quod exuro totus pro lemma..."

"the Celtics breathed fire on the world and burned all before them..."

(loving this latin translator site...)
oh i see what's going on... hey I'm going to the parade tomorrow. Prolly.
Lucky dad'll be Mike Francesa would say, "Matty's dad is a HUGE Celtics fan...HA-YUGE Celtics fan..."
So we've discovered on JoS that after 200 comments, a new page starts automatically. So that'll prob. happen here. That'll
I'll look for DattySox
Good start. Base hit Native American.
He might answer to JackySox...probably not, though...

Phils wearing throwbacks?
The Phils look like ice cream men.
I take it they're rocking the old candyland unis?
I think they just wear these sometimes. They've talked about it on Uniwatch, but I don't really pay attention to the stuff I don't care about.
are you watching the game on tv?
Yeah, Candyland. They look weird. I always liked that, what was it called, Fudgepack Falls?
JackySox used to take out all the picture cards to speed the game up...
Two on, no out.

Weren't they all picture cards? Or wait, some were just colors...
My wife is convinced that playing candyland that way never taught me how to deal with failure...she gave my dad a hard time about it when I told her that...she thinks it left me ill-prepared to deal with adversity...two on nobody out...
DREW GOES DONG!!! 3-0 with no outs in the first. I enjoy it.
Eh, I think you made out okay.
You're feed is just ahead of mine...sounds like lots of sox fans hot is drew? He's past Alba-hot, he's nearly Johansen-hot...
DOUBLE DONG! Back2Back. This game effing rules.
Scarlet, not David...although Buster P. was a pretty good looking man...dong DR.
And David was HOT HOT HOT....
How did I miss that one...slow curve, matty swings and misses
I'll hold off a tiny bit on each post to not give it away. Though I did take a bite of beans after Lowell donged, THEN I posted.
fifth back-to-backer just in June according to evil-castig
YOu know, I bought tix for this game? They were for my Philly friend--and for a while he had no one to go with so there was talk of me driving down, but then he found someone. Finally the Phils get an out, but they almost effed it up.
wait, why is he evil?
I'm liking this whole dongs-being-let-outside thing!
woohoo, another person. Did anybody go to your new blog last night, ish?
Drew has two more home runs this year than he had all of last year.
wow, the three people here are all very familiar with Castiglione
every time i think of "castig" I think of of Evilstig, the Joan Jett tribute to mia zapata, that murdered rrrrriot grrrlll who had that band the Gits...evilstig was "gits live" backwards...
ohhhh. wow I haven't thought of that in a while. And they finally found the killer, right?!? After all those years, or did I dream that?
Yeah, Amy, Zen, Joe, Patrick, and Nixon33. It was basically Amy, Joe, and I towards the end of the game.
TC chatting live. So ridiculous. Leave it to the pros...
The most runs Masterson's given up in a game so far is 4 runs. That would only tie it!
Yeah, we should introduce TC to JoS.
yeah, it was some cuban migrant worker...just googled the know their two records were called "Frenching the Bully" and "Enter: the Conquering Chicken"?
I didn't know those titles.... Yeah I thought Miami was involved somehow with the killer.

Two outs, man on second. Would love to see Bat get out of the first unscathed.
Heidi tells us it might be green jersey day on Friday in honor of the Celtics.
Remy just said "the most championships belong to the Yankees, the Canadiens, and the Celtics," totally making it sound like each team had the same amount...
Yeah they said that on the pre-game, too, and both times they said they're "trying" to get green jerseys or a patch or something. That's so weird. Like, they just might not get it done. "Sorry, can't do it...."
The first NBA Finals came about 40 years after the first World Series, though. And 20 after the first Stanley Cup.
Okay so he only gives up one. I'll take 4-1 after one.
So percentage-wise.....who leads?
Yeah, in baseball usually things just get done. It just quite simply, happens. Never heard "trying to" before.

How do you suppose Doug Mientkiewicz gets an away jersey with his name on it in Minneapolis when he played for the Twins in 2004 and then played for the Red Sox the very next game? It just happened.
So percentage-wise.....who leads?

I'd say the Canadiens. But the Celtics should be right up there with both of them. Yankees have what... 27? I never remember. It'd not important to me. Montreal has 26, and the Celtics have 17.
Oh, they almost had a 1980 World Series deal there.
That, Julio, was a lucky break for a bad bad bunt.
Yanks have 26. Even though plenty of their fans have heard 27 so often, they think it's 27
At least Bat swung, unlike Lugo after given a free shot at it.
Robin Roberts--I went to his baseball camp in '88-'89. He was just a figurehead. You get his autograph on the final day--the only day he shows up for.
Celtics have 17 in 62 seasons; Yankees have 26 in 105 seasons (starting in 1903, not in Baltimore in ought-one...), Canadiens have 24 in 98ish seasons (founded in 1909) I'd say %-wise, the C's have the most...
27.4 for Celts. Yanks have to be less than 26, so, yeah.
shit. no walks please! especially leadoff walks..
Although, according to wiki, I'm wrong...

third paragraph down...
can't make that math work...
Can you believe I never thought of this? ALl this BS about the Yanks being the winningest franchise in "all of sport." TOTAL BS.
wow, I never thought FY would go to second on that. Nice play.
"Boston" is spelled/engraved "Bqstqn" on the Stanley Cup in regards to the '72 Orr-led Cup winners...
i don't get it. They effed up or does it mean something?

Two strikes on the guy and he hits him Come on....
there are several engraving errors on the cup that have never been fixed...holy crap. I didn't know GDGD had video on demand within each game new is that?!
at least a week. All of a sudden they gained all this cool stuff.

Double play! Haha.. Bunt caught by Mayor McCheese Steak, guns the guy out trying to go back to second.
Castiglione: "Jimy Williams, one of the best fungo hitters ever..."

nice dp...
you know, there's some other guy he called the BEST fungo hitter. In his book I think. Al Bumbry, maybe?
What is the comparison to being the best fungo hitter lay-up line guy ever? Best-guy-who-catches-the ball-for-the-qb-in-pre-game-so-the-qb-doesn't-jam-a-finger-guy? Help me out here...
I guess the other qustion is this: Does Castig have a fungo fetish?
Drew going for the cycle on second, 1 out. Top 3. 4-1 us.
I guess the other qustion is this: Does Castig have a fungo fetish?

Oi. I'll betcha he's got some strange things going.
Is it just me or is it rather dark in Philadelphia?
I'd say Drew is hotter than all the New York Dolls put together now...
"I collect spores, molds, and fungoes...."

Lowell barely hit by pitch. So that's our second Pete Rose thing of the day. Earlier, the near tip-drill catch a la Larry Bowa and Rose in the 80 WS, and now a guy barely hit by a pitch a la Rose in the 75 WS ("it may have hit a thread on my uniform," Rose later said.)
JackySox said he heard that Sean Casey chose his jersey number because it's the same number Dropkick's bassist Ken Casey wore in the "Tessie" video...any truth to that, or was it another one of my dad's half-assed, pitiable attempts to show how hip he is(n't)?
Back-up Red Sox broadcasters... Dale Arnold or Jon Rish. Who ya like best?
He's hotter than everyone in Buster Poindexter's back-up band put together.

I guess it's pretty dark...

Can't believe Utley tried that crap. Dropping a looping liner on purpose. Umps weren't buying...
Rish is so rare, though. Arnold I've noticed lately is getting more comfy, joking around more. And I've been listening to his show so I'm becoming used to him to the point where I always think it's him until I realize it's O'B. Rish I never thought was bad as a studio guy, haven't heard his call enough to judge.
Coco hurt his wrist, does Castig know yet?
Here's another Rose thing; I could've sworn I saw on today an article about how A-rod has been talking to Pete a lot the last coupla years...

that is a hilarious headline to that story...
Loaded up for Moss, PHing for Coco.
oh is this the texting thing? I saw it in the Daily News
that is a funny headline. As soon as I heard about this I wanted to do a big mock comversation, but I figure millions of others would do the same thing.

6-1! Two run single for Kate Moss

It took them until Moss stepped in for Coco to realize something was up.
How'd Coco hurt himself? I'm stuck with Gamecast.
I think he was pointing to his left hand. I don't know how he could have hurt it though. Towards the pinky, maybe.
They showed Coco coming off the field pointing to a spot on his left hand, on the back of it below the pinky toward the wrist. But they don't know what happened.
Rob, you live in "Floyds Knobs"? Is there a story behind that?
A story about the name, not you living there, though that would be welcome as well...
It sounds worse than it is... Some small hills just over the river from Louisville Kentucky.
ohhhhh, knobs=hills. I get it. So Floyd discovered the hills, I take it?
Still not as good as "Gobbler's Knob" from Groundhog Day...
Don and Jerry talking some more about getting lost and how terrible the roads around Philly are.
This is so funny hearing Remy and Don talking about getting lost in Philly over and over and over....I know what it's like.
Oh, so Gobbler's Knob is a small hill of an...area?

Masterson gets out of the third. 6-1 Red Sox.
It's funny, ish and I both used to be a cat, now we're both Red Sx pitchers, and we often say the same thing at the same time. ANd both enjoy photography.

And paint toy soldiers and we're gay....
"I guess you could say, like, 'Hi, my name's Gobbler and this is my knob,' but, like, I think it's about more than that..."
Apparently some guy called John Floyd help lay out the city of Louisville and was pretty big around here. At least that's what Wikipedia says.
Castig reports Coco felt pain when he swung the bat.
"left hand discomfort" for Coco, did it on the swing.
Floydville would've been cooler than Louisville, i think.
Gotta go get ready for work...enjoy the rest of the game, y'all...
I just looked out my window to see the mail vehicle rolling up to my mailbox... it was a Dodge Dakota. Wouldn't you think the Postal Service could save a little bit of coin by using hybrids for mail routes?
FY having himself a game!
Kendrick was Perkin' up the Red Sox' bats, so they took him out. Now the new guy gives up a double to Dustin.
Heh, my blog has 3 comments for this game. 2 of them by me. Weekday games for ya.
Bye Matty. The post office should just call it a day at this point. We've got e-mail for letters, and delivery companies for physical stuff we actually need to send.
All you need's a triple, baby!
Yeah most people never even realize there is a game in these situations. Drew knocks in FY, and he's a triple away from the cycle!
Trivia Question answer: Giants, White Sox, Indians, Twins
I think JD Drew is TOTALLY enjoying slaughtering the Phils.
Nice catch! And I can say that sincerely because it's 7-1.
Nice play by Bryce Philly Howard.
I agree. There's got to be some deep satisfaction there. Screw you, brotherly love.
Tiny popcorn thunderstorms are teeming up west of Philly.
The Mayor of KC with a single. Rem says he's 11 for his last 26.
we strand two but it's 7-1 after 4.
I'd look up and catch the popcorn in my mouth
Did anyone hear about Marcus Thames last night? His last 8 at-bats have been home runs.
Mmmmm electrical popcorn.
FY with a nice shifty play!
Wait, I think you mean his last 8 hits have been HR. Still, amazing.
sun came out in Philly and here in Boston at about the same time. Weird.
OK, so I'm new here, but why does Pedroia = FY?
two quick outs for JM in the 4th
Was it? I must have heard wrong.
His last few games he was 1-4, 2-4, 1-3, 1-2, 1-2, 0-3, 1-3.... but his HR column has the same number as his hit column for all those games
7-1 after 4. Bat goes flying on the strikeout to end the inning.
Moss...flies to left, edge of track.
I wish I were home ... Masterson's as fun to watch right now as Jacoby.

Love these young guys!
Lugo...doubles down the line. Nice
I was at BOS/CIN on Saturday, and Moss was putting on a bit of a show during BP before the game - he put several halfway up the right-field bleachers in Cincy.
He has been fun these last two innings. Didn't find the rhythm until then. But yeah, he's doing great for us. Now he's batting. Just fouled one off. And he....strikes out swinging.
I wanted to go to CIN this year for that series, but it never materialized.
Jacoby Ks swinging. 7-1 us after 4.5
I just saw the one, 'cause Cincy decided to "package" the Sox games so you had to buy eight bazillion tickets just to go to those games, so my brother and I stubhubbed four seats for double-face value.

We were in the very very top top row, but right behind the plate, so it was actually a decent view. Got to see a good game (apart from Paps blowing the save), too. This was game with Youk/Coco going back-to-back in the 10th.
OK, now that 4-1/2 are in the books, those popcorn storms can roll in and end blowout early so the Sox can get some extra rest.
Solid single followed by a weak one, and it's first and third, no out for the Phils.
OK, so I'm new here, but why does Pedroia = FY?

During Clay Buchholz's no-hitter, Pedroia made that fantastic play up the middle to rob Tejada of a hit. When the out was recorded, Pedroia banged his fist in his glove and screamed, "FUCK YEAH!!!"
There was also a lottery for the Sox-Cin games where you could buy individual games. But you had to win the lottery, of course.

Near DP, they get one. 7-2, man on first, one out.
That lottery was late May. ANother single for Philly, first and third one out.
Rollins took off for second, Lugo had to go cover the bag, and the ball went through where Lugo was before he went to cover.

I remember the play and the lip-reading - I just didn't put 2+2 together.

Love it.
That lottery was late May. ANother single for Philly, first and third one out.

Wow. Sounds a lot like a playoff game.
Sorry, I missed your FY question before. Stolen base, second and third.
Lopez warming. He needs a strikeout - bad. Utley and Howard after this.
F5... That works!
gets the "...or pop up"
Utley didn't look ready for that one.
Gets out of it! Way to cover first, too, rook.
come on, triple!
single. no cycle yet.
Good pitch.
lowell called out on strikes. one on, two out in the 6th. 7-2 Sox.
opposite field double for the Mayor! 2nd and 3rd
Casey doesn't go that way often. This is Drew's 8th four-hit game of the season - a career high.
tek called out on a 3-2 pitch. 7-2 after 5.5.
I thought Don said it was his first 4-hit day since '05.
Looks like it's his 5th 3 (or more) hit game of this season.
Lopez in, gets Howard on a groundout to start 6th
Heh. Radio guys must not be having their best day with stats.
It seemed like a bit of a sensational stat.
2 outs, 0 on.
O-T-T for Lo Pez Dispenser
Another nice play by Howard.
I can't even believe Rudy Seanez still has a job.
Javier Lopez on deck.
I can't even believe Rudy Seanez still has a job.

I can't believe he still pitches... okay.
Did I hear this right? That Seanez used to participate in Ultimate Fighting?
And Lopez bats.
Lopez Ks. An OTT for Seanez. Stretch time at non-Fenway.
Don't know about Ultimate Fighting deal. Hey, you gotta have a career after baseball.
We have him bat, then we take him out before throwing a pitch in the next inning?
It's 7-2. Maybe they're just saving the PH guys in case the Phils mount a comeback.
Couldn't they have just double-switched, though? God I hate the NL
two on to start the 7th for Philly off Hansen. Little nubber and BB
runners move up on wild pitch
Come on Craig... Don't make this closer than it needs to be...
base hit scores two. 7-4, no out, man on first. Crap-nea today. ANd on comes MDC
Takes two runs to score for MDC to get into his first game in awhile.
Delcarmen WALKS the first guy he faces. Dungeon.
Triple play, plz.
gets the pop out. One out, two on. 7-4
Double play plz.
0-2, make Chase chase
line/fly out LF. 2 outs, Howard comes up as tying tun.
Single play plz.
1-2 on Howard. Throwin' curves.
STRIKEOUT!!!!! 7-4 us after 7.

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