Friday, June 06, 2008

Sox Anti-Win

Had the game on radio for most of the night. In the first, Colon had to make a throw to second to start a DP. As we know, pitchers eff this play up like 80% of the time. Including this time. The Sox would never recover.

I pretty mich missed our one attempt at a rally, because that inning, the "junior broadcaster" contest winner was a middle-aged man. They even said to him, "it's not often we ask our junior broadcaster what he does for a living." I was so embarrassed for the guy, I couldn't listen. He wasn't saying much, anyway. (Not the trait you want out of a radio announcer.)

After the game, we watched the ninth inning of the Yanks. The mustache brigade lost 2-1, despite Michael Kay's best attempts to will the events of the previous day to repeat themselves. So one minute it was all hope, thinking they'd finally crack the .500 mark, and the next, they were a game under, in last place again.

Jere, hello. Jim McKay passed away today, and I will miss him...Peter

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