Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some Stats I Came Up With

In their last ten games, the Yanks have gone 7-3. As of this moment, no other team in baseball (except for the Padres at 8-2) has a better record over their last ten. But the Yanks have gained no ground over that stretch, as the Red Sox have also gone 7-3. Nice touch!

The Sox have the second-best record in baseball, behind only the Cubs. We also still have the best home record in baseball. We also have a 10-2 record in games started by opposing left-handed pitchers, which is way better than league average (a little over .500).

Every team in the AL East has a winning record in one-run games except Toronto.

Dave O'Brien recently said that the Sox in interleague play, and I paraphrase, "... have done incredibly well the last few years, and really since the beginning of interleague play." He's right about the first part, but is way off on the second part. I'm very surprised Castiglione didn't correct him on that one. I mean, the recent success has brought the overall record up, but to not point out how crappy we did in the first few years (forced to play two series' against our "natural" rival, the Braves) is to leave out an important part of the story. It's like saying, "in the last 32 years, only one team has won more World Series than the Red Sox." Yes, it's true, but it leaves out the fact that for the first 28 of those years, we didn't win any and hadn't won since 1918.


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