Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Contest--Win A Red Sox Ticket

Before the season I bought four tickets to a Sox-Cardinals game. They were taken away by the ticket office due to some stupid rule I didn't know I had broken. My idea to collect single tickets to the Saturday game as they went on sale throughout the season ended when I realized I wasn't gonna be around that day anyway. Fortunately I only spent money on one ticket, but now I need to get rid of it. It's an upper bleacher seat in section 38. You want it? Guess the number of runs the Red Sox score in Monday night's game vs. the Phillies in comments. Closest person gets the ticket. If it's a tie, I'll conduct a random drawing out of the correct guessers. I'll keep comments hidden until Monday at 6 PM, which is when the contest will end. And don't gimme any of these 6:05 guesses. (Michael Leggett, I'm looking in your direction...) Remember, as long as you have a ticket, you can go anywhere in the park. So if you stand in the standing room areas, you'd be in a 20-dollar area with your 12-dollar ticket. Which you'd be getting free. If you win. Oh, and the winner has to meet me before this Friday to pick it up--the game is this coming Saturday, June 21st. Good luck. I know single tickets are about as desirable as a toothbrush in a Secret Santa session, but I'm hoping some of you maybe really want to see a rare Cardinals appearance at Fenway.... and in case you can't tell, this contest is run entirely by me, with a ticket I bought on my own from the Sox ticket office. No outside companies have anything to do with this.

Do you realize the Reds have three current players with WKRP in Cincinnati character names? Homer Bailey (Bailey Quarters), Andy Phillips (Andy Travis), and Johnny Cueto (Dr. Johnny Fever).

So Wang hurt his foot, not what the Yanks needed. Looks like he'll miss his next start--more news tomorrow. The Daily News is saying his season may be in jeopardy.

Bronson Arroyo's OPS is 61 points higher than Wily Mo Pena's. Wily Mo has one home run in 148 at bats. Bronson has one in 26 at bats. Wily also never did turn that walk-strikeout ratio around

And remember the people who said batting Jacoby leadoff wouldn't work because he'd "steal too many bases and Papi would never get to swing the bat"? Terrible job by those people.

Old-timey wrap-ups return tomorrow! (Probably.)

Too bad Arthur Rhodes isn't pitching for them - not sure there's an active Les or Herbs in MLB.
And there are no Venus Flytraps. Can you believe that?
My Magic 8 Ball says we're in for another smash-o-rama, so I'll go with 8 runs in its honor.
1 Run (Bartolo Colon gets the RBI)
A whopping TWO people entered!

Four or less runs, jcal wins. 5 or more, sarah wins.

Currently 2 runs in through 5.

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