Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I don't even wanna talk about last night's game, let alone describe it in quirky, descriptive, and/or antiquated but super-fun terms.

We had two contestants in the contest last night, and jcal76, with his prediction of the Red Sox scroring two runs, was the winner of a ticket to Saturday's game at Fenway vs. the Cards. jcal, send me an e-mail.

Alclem, winner of the Manny500 contest is still AWOL, though...still trying to figure out what to do there....

Have you been following the story of the hedge-fund scammer guy? I cut and pasted the pic of him from the Daily News so you can see their caption. It says he's on the right in the pic. So for those of you who were sure the caption was describing the person in the vehicle waaaaay in the background at left, you were way, way, way off. It's the other person. The one who takes up nearly the entire frame. Anyway, this guy stole millions and millions of dollars from people, got caught, and was scheduled to show up for his 20-year prison sentence the other day. That day comes, and the guy doesn't show up. Despite his lawyer (Lionel Hutts?) saying he wasn't a flight risk, he has indeed flown. They found his car on a bridge with "suicide is painless" scrawled into the dust and pine needles on its hood. The stupid people in charge actually start searching the river below. By the time they figure out he probably didn't jump, he's long gone.

I really hope they find this guy, double his sentence, and make it in some crappy jail, not the ones they usually send white guys who wear ties to. But in the meantime, I do like the idea of having the lawyer who said he wasn't a flight risk serve the time till they find the guy. Here's the latest article.

As a wholly disinterested and totally unbiased observer, I suggest that you declare alclem as officially dead to this contest and blog.
Isn't it lame how all this white collar crime is essentially the equivalent of robbing thousands of people, yet you get treated waaaay better than the criminals who rob one person at a time? I don't understand how the consequences seem to decrease the larger the scale of the crime (starting a war << murder). I don't think I would blame the lawyer, since it's just his function to advocate for his client, no matter how big a scumbag he is, but the judge who bought it couldn't have been too bright. 20 years is too much to not be a flight risk, no matter how "respectable" you are.
drew, ha. He may actually be dead in general, for all we know.

ryan: YES, lame! ooh, and once again, the "<" symbol cuts off everything beyond it in your post in my email. So now I get to read the rest .... okay, yeah, you're right. The judge should've been like, Not a flight risk, I'll be the JUDGE of that....

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