Thursday, June 19, 2008

Number Of The Beast

You probably heard Big Bank Hank complaining about interleague play the other day. At this point I'd only be the millionth Sox fan to say "hey, I agree with Hank, that's so crazy, ha ha ha." But it's true. He thinks it's dumb, just as I have since the day it started.

Now Hank, instead of just spouting off to the media about it, why don't you get together with all the other owners and just end it! I pretty much only hear complaints about it from people in power, so why can't they do something about it?

Oh, and another thing, Little Stein, if you're gonna complain about ILP, maybe at least acknowledge this: In 2008, the Yanks and Red Sox each play the Reds and Astros, but the Red Sox' other four NL opponents are the 42-32 Phillies, the 42-31 Cardinals, the 38-34 D'backs, and the 38-33 Brewers, while the Yanks get the 35-36 Mets (twice), the 31-42 Padres, and the 34-38 Pirates. I don't know if I'm more offended by the difference in quality of those opponents, or the fact that in a year when the AL East is supposedly playing the NL Central, the Yanks get four series' against east or west teams, compared to two against the central. The Red Sox have four against the central, two against the east/west, also void of sense. What's the point, Bud?

I thought I was gonna go to the Celts parade today, but, eh, I'd just be taking up a spot that could go to a die-hard Cs fan. Looks like the rain will hold off...but maybe not for tomorrow night's outdoor concert we're going to: Maiden! They're reuniting and playing only the classics, I hear.


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