Monday, June 09, 2008

Mo Crapping Bed Again (Updating) (It's Over, Yank Lose)

Two days ago, Mariano Rivera gave up a ninth-inning homer with the game tied. Just now, he did it again! 3-2 KC, going bottom 9. (Michael Kay did note that he did enter the game with the same "grace and class" as usual.)

Update: And just like that other time Mo gave up the dong, the Yanks get a swinging bunt in the bottom half, and it's one on, no out.

Update: Mat-screwy flies out, one away in the bottom of the ninth, Sultan of Shot coming up.

Update: The mustachioed, thong-wearing, admitted cheater walks on four pitches. 1st and sec, one out.

Update: Cano Ks, two out.

Update: Royals' super-closer Soria hits Chad Moeller with the first goddamn pitch. Loaded for Melky, two outs, 3-2 KC. Swinging bunt, walk, hit by pitch. Say it with me everybody: TYPICAL YANKEE RALLY. (TYR)

Final Update: Melky hits a slow dribbler up the first base line. The Royals somehow successfully complete the play, 3-1 on the putout. Barely. Yanks lose!!! Hahaha. I'm off to Pawtucket...

Michael Kay did note that he did enter the game with the same "grace and class" as usual.

And from my perch north of the border, I note that Jere describes the Yankees players, at-bats and rallies with the same "grace and class" as usual.

Mariano Rivera giving up 9th inning taters. Sweeeeeeeet.

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