Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet Me In Mansfield

St. Louis comes in for three tonight. Wakefield on the mound for us. One person who won't be taking the mound anymore is Schilling. He's done for the year. I really thought he'd be pitching in September. Oh well. We'll see if he attempts to pitch in '09. I won't see the game tonight as I'll be at the former Great Woods to see an aging Iron Maiden.

In Mysterious Cities of Gold news, a movie is in the works! I am more stunned by this than the Schilling news. I thought I was one of two people who remembered that show, but judging by the 200,000 comments on its theme song (below), and, you know, THE MOVIE, I guess I was way, way, way off.

Jere, hello on this Saturday, too early morning. It's sad about Curt, but the only chance he has to toe that rubber once again is the path that he's taken. That means Monday surgery. He wrote about it at 38 PITCHES, and I'm sure you know how to find it. Have a great weekend, and may Daisuke have a successful comeback game. Hi to your Mom, and please keep us posted on the new literary masterpiece! Coming soon (?) to a bookseller near us!! Peter

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