Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mariners Hate Love, Love Hate (With Yankee Updates)

Maybe the Mariners should spend less time telling people not to kiss each other and more time telling their manager to stop droppin' F-bombs.

Red Sox vs. DEVIL RAYS tonight at 6:05, not 7:05. I'll be at Fenway for this one. Jays leave 'em loaded in the third, and trail the 29-30 Yanks, 2-0.

Update: Yanks with another squander, and the Jays come back with a two-run dong by the Stair-Matt-ster to tie it in the 4th!

Awesome Update: Jays explode against Wang! 7-2 in the 5th! The first few innings of this game looked like a definite Yankee win. I love it.

Anti-awesome update: McGowan is back to his first few innings self, loading the bases with no outs after his team gives him a 5-run lead. In other news, I re-uploaded my Manny 500 video with better quality. And now it's 7-4 after 5. The Yanks have scored their runs on two sac flies and two ground outs.

Okay, gotta go to Fenway. You're on your own for the rest of this Yanks game.


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