Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maiden Wins, Sox Lose

Wow, Iron Maiden's still got it. Dickinson is all over that stage, running around and changing costumes and everything. And he still has that crazy voice. The rest of the band didn't seem to miss a note, either. I wonder if they ever think about the whole Spinal Tap thing and say, You know, joke or not, we still can play to crowds of tens of thousands.... I'd say they got the "last laugh," but Tap is still funnier. Or something. It wasn't quite the summer outdoor concert experience we had hoped for, since it rained right away and we were wet the whole time, but it was still cool to see a band I never thought I'd see or were even actual people as far as I knew. The crowd was definitely young, too--all the high school metal heads out to see one of the bands they owe their genre to.

While we sat there waiting to leave the lot, I got to hear the recap of the game. Those take on a whole new level of excitement when you have no idea what happened. The way Rish was talking, I thought we were gonna pull it out, but Youk left the tying run on third in the ninth. And Lugo made errors galore. Fox game tomorrow... if you're coming from the vacationing Joy of Sox blog and you're looking for a game thread, the next one I'm gonna do here will be Tuesday....


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