Monday, June 30, 2008

Indoor Baseball--Might As Well Still Be Playing The NL

On Moss' ball in the ninth, I shouted "hit the roof or something" in desperation. It actually worked, and Moss got a double out of the deal. A sac fly later, we had the tying run on third. But Lugo lined out. I blame NESN's Fenway centerfield camera as usual, as the ball appeared to be up the middle if you're used to the "new" angle. I hate not knowing where the ball is going, and if I can't properly will the ball to go to the outfield, how is it supposed to know where to go?

Yanks just lost, 2-1, at home to Texas.

i was hoping for a wild pitch with lugo up in the 9th.
I was, too. Not only for the obvious reason, but also because they had to bring in the new pitcher due to an injury. I guess he "took all the time he needed."

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