Saturday, June 14, 2008

I. L. Pee

Softball tonight. First AB, I get under one as I often do and pop it up, but it falls into shallow right for a hit. Second AB, I hit a rocket over the right fielder's head (I bat left, throw right), but it's backed up by the right-center fielder, holding me to another single, though I probably would've gone for and had two if the runner in front of me hadn't stopped at second. We lose, like, 20-5.

After our game, I saw the end of Sox-Reds at a friend's house. This friend only got into baseball in the last few years. So we're watching, and the announcers are talking about interleague play, and my friend asks, fairly confident she'll get a positive answer, "now these games don't count in the standings, right?"

See, Bud, even a new fan who's yet to be brainwashed by MLB and FOX takes the perfectly sane point of view that games between leagues who don't play by the same rules, in an unbalanced and often random-seeming manner should NOT count. I've been saying this since the day they came up with this stupid idea and it has nothing to do with how my team has faired in it. But it always makes me more mad when the Sox lose in interleague play, and the Yanks win. Which is what happened tonight. Terrible Joba finally pitches well, but doesn't get the W, meaning Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain still have zero wins as starters, and it's mid-June.

Sox still up 1.5 games in the east over Tampa. Oh, and it's good to hear Tito coming out and saying how he, too, hates interleague play.

Old Friend Trot Nixon is a Met.

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