Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did I Ever Tell You.... much I hate those scalper sites?

Four bleacher seats together for tomorrow night's game on StubToe: up to 114 dollars each.

Four slightly better bleacher seats together for tomorrow night's game from 26 dollars each. (Also note the StubToe fees go up the higher the ticket price.)

NEVER USE THOSE SITES. Don't get yourself ripped off for no reason! Prices so high just make everybody else think it's okay to raise their prices because that's "fair market value." A guy on craigslist today was selling standing room for 60 each. And not even for a weekend game. Just be a little bit vigilant in your checking of the ticket office and you'll get the seats you want.

Also, if you buy from Ace (for the bullshit prices they charge), who the Red Sox advertise for right on their fences at Fenway, and then you see the ticket office has the same section to the same game available, try suing the team for leading you to overpay for something (illegally, I might add) they know they can provide you with directly. I'm just waiting for that to happen...

This whole system can come crashing down if we all stop needlessly supporting it.

Did I ever tell you...that I scored front row box seats off the team website 2 weeks ago? For a game that was only a week away. Probably I have, since it's on my blog that I haven't updated for a while, but I'll use any excuse to brag about it. I thought I was hallucinating (even knowing that tickets are not as hard to get as popular perception perceives).

On stubhub right now, equivalent seats are 4 times face value. I have to say, your constant harping on the fact that face value tickets are often available was a helpful influence. As was talking to a friend of mine who sometimes waits in the actual pre-game "line" for seats and says she is usually successful.
Yeah I saw your blog. You fulfilled two of my lifelong dreams*. 1. Proving to others I'm not crazy on this ticket thing, and 2. getting a pretty clear shot of yourself on tv in the Fenway crowd. Excellent job.

*or whatever
Bad experiences with scalpers.
Last year we ordered tickets for Sox at O's from one of those sites and they didn't show up. Called about it when it got 2 days from leaving day and they said - "ooh, mix-up. sorry, we'll leave them at the will-call.
When we got there the tickets were NOT the ones I had ordered. I called about it and they said those had been double-sold (their problem, I thought, shouldn't be mine) so they had left me 2 of equal value. Well, I had spent quite a bit of time finding the best seats I could within my price range. The 2 I ordered were about halfway between 1st base and the RF fence 15 rows back or so. These were BEHIND the freaking left fielder, only 2 rows off the wall. Sure, the damn face value WAS the same, and they were "closer" to the field, but ANY baseball fan knows 150 or 175 ft from home plate with the pitcher even closer is better than 350 ft or so from the plate looking at 1 outfielder's back.
Needless to say - I was pissed. I'm doing it Jere's way this year.

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