Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bostons Take Series; Philly Men Fall Short With Late Rally

The Athletics have long since waved adieu to Philadelphia, taking up residence in Oakland via Kansas City, MO. The Braves left Boston for Wisconsin, before settling on the Peach State as a home. These days, it's only when the American and National Leagues join up for their summer battles that the cities of Boston and Philadelphia face off on the green field. Over 45,000 persons witnessed Boston's taking of the three-game series in eastern Penn. today. Many Bostonians were in attendance, but the "cranks" of both cities yelled as loud as their lungs would allow during this Wednesday matinee.

Boston's Red Sox were represented on the hillard by snappy "Bat" Masterson. The kid was staked to a lead and held tight, allowing two Quakers to score in five innings, good enough for a win. Bat has proved he is a good man to hold in case of emergency, and may even join the front five permanently.

The Boston ball-whackers roared out of the gate, perking up against Kendrick. After two singletons, blazing Drew launched a three-run dong toward the skyline. The salted and peppered third-sacker Lowell followed with a sun-shot of his own, giving early gate-crashers a kick in the pants and putting a crooked number on the board. A "hand discomfort" caused Crisp to come out, but Moss filled in for his fallen brother and knocked home two to widen the lead.

Drew added the final run to Boston's grand total in the fourth with a ribbie bingle. He would finish with four hits on the day, Pedroia three of his own.

Lopez threw a fine inning after Masterson fled for the stalls, but the next man in, Hansen, got into a real bind, and had to be rescued by Delcarmen. The big bear Howard was struck out to end a Philadelphian threat. Papelbon shut the door and turned out the lights in inning nine for a seven to four win.

Loving the old-school recaps.
Hope I can join you Tuesday. LL is INSANE right now. Big League (16-18's) played our 1st game Tuesday and my Jr's (13-14) All-Star team started practicing Monday. Doubt our A-S team will go very far this year, so the overlap may not last long, but it will be every night for at least another week and a half.
Interesting that Masterson is doing so well right now when we all assumed it would be Clay up here in this spot. And Drew is converting non-believers faster than Billy Graham at a tent revival.
Enjoy the games this weekend. And yes, I'm still jealous. I will get to go to a Warthogs game Saturday night, though, (day game for BL) and will sit 30 feet behind home plate if I so desire. So there's that!

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