Monday, June 16, 2008

Blaze Williamson

The Red Sox have just acquired right-handed pitcher Blaze Williamson from Louisville.

Of course, there isn't really a Blaze Williamson. Nor is there a Louisville. Well, there is a Louisville, but the Red Sox don't go haphazardly acquiring pitchers from there. The reason I bring up Blaze Williamson is because of the Celtics. I went to "the Master" trying for game 6/7 tickets. As good as I am with scoring seats from the Red Sox ticket office, I can't figure out "the Master" for the life of me. I just can't break the code. Can't find any tips or hints that actually work. At this point, the NBA playoff ticket-hunt is just for show. Just going through the motions so I can at least say I gave it a shot. But the latest thing in robot-deterring technology over there is the use of two security words separated by a space. I like to read the words and make them fit into my life. "Feeling payments"? Why yes, Master, I sure would be with all the fees you charge. But this wouldn't be an issue, as I was shut out as usual.

An hour after the sale started, hoping I'd catch some new tickets as they're released, something the phone operators will tell you does happen, I went in again. My word-combo was "Blaze Williamson."

Who is Blaze Williamson? Will I ever get tickets? The world may never know.


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