Monday, June 23, 2008

The Big One

All I saw of today's game was the 11th inning on. Drew really saved the game with that throw, and Tek did a great job protecting the plate. And a Youk walk-off dong wins it--we stay in first place. NESN: A good sign to can the robot center field camera is when the game looks like earthquake footage. Besides, we're all used to the old angle, and that's what we see in all the road games, so you might as well end the experiment. Making us watch half the games one way and half another--what's next, some games where the pitchers bat and some with a DH? Oh wait....

Why is the center field camera so ubiquitous anyway? Do I really need to see exactly where every pitch is thrown? When you go to a game you can get a variety of perspectives. I would like to see a telecast that shows some at bats from behind the plate, some from 1st base dugout, some from 3rd base dugout, etc.
For me, I agree with what you're saying, but only for relay purposes. I'd rather have the same shot for every live pitch, but I love seeing different things from different angles. But when they show a different angle live (sometimes you get a pitch from behind the plate), it seems to throw me off. And, of course, I blame any bad thing that ends up happening ON the angle:)

Also, I wish they'd show (or at least say) how the infield is lined up for each batter, so you're not surprised when a fielder gets a ball you thought would go through based on the swing. They only seem to tell you ahead of time if a full shift is on.

Watching the game from '88 the other day, they did use a variety on the centerfield camera--on some pitches, they'd show a tight shot of just the batter and catcher on a pitch. I actually thought that was pretty cool.

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