Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Best Soap Yet!

Kim has topped herself once again with a soap that looks like....this:

It's called Carrie. Get it, with the blood and whatnot? And it smells like those little ice cream cups your mom used to buy that had the strawberry (or chocolate) swirl in it. I've wanted to eat all her soaps, but this one I almost had to. Here's the link to her site.

And since you'll probably read it over there anyway, I guess I'll say it here: We're moving to Rhode Island! In a few months.... It will be my fourth state in four calendar years.

Sox vs. O's tonight. I'll miss this one since I'll be at an event in Providence that has nothing to do with us moving there. But supposedly I'm gonna meet George Mitchell. Since it's a Rhode Island event, we're hoping Kapstein makes an appearance before heading up to Fenway.

Congrats! Did you end up finding a place in Providence?
If all goes according to plan, we'll be in the Paw-Prov corridor.

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