Wednesday, June 25, 2008

AZ @ Sox Game Thread. If You're Around.

The aging knuckler against the aging piece o' crap, 7:05.

Wow, more racing stuff. Does anybody care? Even if I liked car racing I don't think I'd be excited about this. I see the "6" font is wrong, as was the "9" on that last one. Not like I'm offended by the whole thing, I just don't care at all.
Two kids behind Watney. One with an Angels hat, one with a Tampa Bay Bucs hat.
Kooky Ks. And I have to go to Anne's house where we'll be watching the game and eating Pini's pizza. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll be back in a few. Two outs. Nice start for Wake.
1-2-3. And now I'm leaving.

I've been away for a good week. not much a-threadin going on, but...hullo.
Hey, radio dude! So, that DP by Youk was killer. Nice job by Wake thru 6.

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