Monday, June 09, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

Michael Holley was just making fun of me on the air! I called in to try to win Red Sox tix for tomorrow--one of the games I just mentioned in the last post. I got through on my Skype, and the guy tells me I'm caller number 8. I didn't even realize that was the right number, so I asked the guy if I was the winner. He says, NO sir, you're caller number 8. I'm sitting there like, what the hell does that mean. Then he hangs up.

Okay.... so they get back on the air, and Holley's goin, "some guy just hung up on RED SOX tickets!" What the freak? I was the right caller, and they didn't even say "you won!" The way I see it, I DID WIN......

Ah, well, I consider it just another "victory" (even though I got no prize) in my lifelong record of being the correct caller at an unbelievable rate. I just hope they weren't box seats....

What?! That's total bullshit. I am angry on your behalf.
I checked the original PawSox Patter, and it does say "event dates subject to change." But I don't see it anywhere. It just disappeared! Oh well, maybe they'll surprise us tonight.
Wow, I just read your comment in my email, assumed you must've been referring to the disappearance of Legends Night, and responded. Whoops!!!

So....yeah, isn't that ridiculous?? I win the contest but they don't tell me I've won. So I lose. I wrote them an e-mail right away but no reply.

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