Wednesday, May 07, 2008

World Totally NOT Shocked By Joba Blowing Game

I had seen that the Yanks were up 3-2 in the seventh. Wasn't really paying attention to them tonight as we watched the second half of the Celts after the Red Sox ended. Later I checked the final: 5-3 Indians. I thought, Ooh, this could be a Joba bed-shitting deal. I clicked for the story, and sure enough, I was delighted to see Terrible Joba's name right there in the headline. He'd given up a two-out, three-run dong to David Dellucci in the eighth.

Of course, the first line of the article said that the Yanks were "shocked." Why? Because a guy who's pitched 37 innings in his career didn't get everybody out? Oh, but he's hyped and we hear his name a lot, okay, I see. I'll give him this: He really is Cy Young...when you compare him to Hughes and Kennedy!

But the fact that I'm not shocked with his not succeeding doesn't make me any less ecstatic about it.

First place Red Sox win 5-0 in Detroit. Amazing job by Wake, going eight shutout innings. Papi and Manny went back-to-back, dong-wise. Manny's 497th came on Freddy Dolsi's first major league pitch. Ow.

Terrible job by a Celtics fan tonight. Guy was holding a big sign of Garnett's face. At the bottom you could see little triangles on his collar--a telltale sign of his old Timberwolves jersey.

Check out Michael Leggett's writing for Fenway Nation. I've grown quite fond of his unique writing style that we all have come to know through his comments and his own blog.

Oh, and my hometown is in the news, as a kid who lives there finally took off the Favre jersey he'd been wearing for five years. Thanks to Chan for the heads-up.

It had to happen, it did and it will again. And I'll stand and cheer EVERY time!! Hey Jere. We're hot now, and the starting pitching has been super.
& my latest FOX Parody's up on my blog.
Wilder than ever
I appreciate the "Fenway Nation" Plug.

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