Thursday, May 29, 2008

That Thing I Made That One Time

I remember staying up till like 4 AM one night making this, thinking it was gonna be all over the 'net. Instead, little fanfare. That's how it goes in the blogging world. Sometimes you work hard on something and nobody notices. Other times you do a throw-away post about mascots and you have people e-mailing you to tell you you made ProJo or whatever. Anyway, I sure did impress myself with this one, ha, so here it is again. Enjoy. Again.

Also--interesting note: The Yanks' record is 26-27. Joe Torre's record so far as Dodgers manager is 26-27. Have you seen the commercials where he talks about how great LA is and wears his Dodgers hat all around and takes veiled shots at New York? That's awesome that he's shoving it in the Steinbrenners' collective face.

And finally--we just watched a Young Ones episode, and then I saw a commercial for the Bill Engvall Show. And I don't think I really need to say more than that.

But, of course, thanks to the people who did like it the first time and told me so. And to those who liked it and didn't tell me so. You know what I'm sayin'.
If you're not makin' money with your creativity, you should be. Very funny. Especially Giambi.
Ha, thanks. In the words of this dude named Sam, who used to comment here and write the Devil Rays blog at MVN, "Im talented in all the ways that will never get me rich or famous." Well, something like that.
"The Young Ones" is an absolutely awesome Britcom from the 1980s. I have some episodes on tape, and it's a shame it's nearly forgotten these days.
A Classic, Jere!

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