Monday, May 05, 2008

Staat Head

Open Studios was fun. It's just great to meet other artists, and watch people react to the work you created. (I can't see your faces when you look at my pics online...) If you met me this weekend and are now checking out this site and saying, What the hell is this?, well, if you want to see more pics, check out the Photo Galleries section down on the right side. And if you want to buy one of the framed shots you saw, send me an email. Thanks. And thanks to everyone who came out.

I heard DeWayne Staats, announcer of the Devil Rays, in an interview with Joe and Dave before Friday night's game. He was going on and on about how the win over the Red Sox the previous Friday was one of the best in team history. And that their three-game sweep of us was the most important series they've ever played. I'm sure Rays fans are excited, but come on, those games happened in April. You're making an absolute fool of your self, D-Staat. O'Brien made a point to bring up what Staats had said today as the Sox were on the verge of sweeping the Rays. The funny thing is, Staats used to be a Yankee announcer in the MSG Network days, and he was one of my least-hated Yankee announcers.

Red Sox lead the division by three games. Second-biggest lead in baseball. Tied for third best record in baseball. Again, with the Japan trip, this is all excellent news.

We're about a month into the season, so let's take a look at the two completely inexperienced and unproven starters they started the year with: 1. 9.00 ERA, currently on the DL. 2. 8.37 ERA, currently in triple-A. I hate, no, love to say I told the Yanks so.

And yes, as an ad-saturation hating vegetarian, I'm doubly offended by the Houston ballpark's obnoxious Chik-Fil-A sign that runs all the way down the foul pole.


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