Friday, May 16, 2008

The Swamp Thing's Thong

Here's a story about Giambi sharing his gold thong with other players. April Fools!! Oh, no, wait, it's real.

(Here's a side note for ya: Nearly every time I read a Yankees story on the Daily News' website, the top "related story" on the sidebar is "Derek Jeter injured in Yankee win." And every time I say, What's this, Jeter's hurt? But it always turns out to be the same old story from early April. It happens in the story linked above, too. In fact, click on any of the other related articles and the Jeter injury story is one of that article's top related articles, too! Check it out. What's up with that?)

Great stat: Yanks in games started by pitchers other than Wang: 13-20. Pretty much what we expected. Their rotation besides Wang is two senior citizens and two infants, so actually 13-20 ain't too shabby.


I figured you'd have the Jeter crap figured out. They want us constantly reminded that ol' CI will injure himself to win the Yankees one game.

The headline is even written so as to non-obviously but obviously cause someone to connect "Jeter injury" with "Yankee win".
I thought this was a complete goof, but from what I've read this morning, it isn't! I wonder if the thong got around to Hankie? EWWWW.

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