Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stuff I Like About The Media

Okay, people, and Matty, I'm always ripping the media-types, so it's about time I talk about some of the people I like. I apologize if I don't do this enough.

Okay, we know how I feel about sports radio, and despite that I always say I'll never listen to it again, I always go back. I remember Ryan saying that Dale & Holley were pretty good, and I have to say, after hearing them a bunch over the last few months, it really is a pretty good show. The other shows I still just have no interest in, but those two do a good job.

Actually, there's another guy on that station, Mike Mutnansky, who does a weekend show. He's really smart and is there to talk about sports, not do poopy-doody sound effects and stuff. And he seems to have a Connecticut connection, and talks like one of us Connecti...cutians? That guy's goin' places.

I hope I've mentioned this before, but I consider Jeff Goldberg of the Hartford Courant somewhat of a "friend of the family" (even though I've never met him) because I guess his mother, Carole, used to interview my mom for the Courant back when Jeff and I were in short-pants. Or something. So we were very excited when he got the gig as the Red Sox guy at the Courant. And he's done a great job!

And then you've got the other non-fools like Rob Bradford who does a great job with his blog, and I never had anything against Gordon Edes either. There are plenty of others that I like not just in Boston or New York (Bob Raissman, the ultimate Yankee broadcaster-hater, if I'm not), but national as well. Unfortunately, the bad outnumber the good. So, anti-terrible job, non-bad media-types!

Goldberg is great, and this comes from a print Courant reader. Another noteworthy Courant sportwriter supreme is Jeff Jacobs, who writes seething and touching commentary a few times per week. You can find his stuff at courant dot com.
Love the random call-out for something I don't remember getting on your case I call you out that much that I lose track of 'em? Weird...
aw jeez edith
I'm doing important Little Rascals research, quit interruptin'.

Did you know Froggy got hit by a truck and died at age 16???

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