Friday, May 02, 2008

Stop! Stop!!!!!!!!!!

This is bullshit:

I never realized how sacred the baseball schedule was until I saw an ad for a movie literally on one of the calendar days. They'd infiltrated it to the point of advertising on the spaces before the 1st or after the 31st on the grid, but now they've taken the final step.

I don't own a calendar. Every year, the Red Sox schedule IS my calendar. And now, they've shit all over it, squeezing in a picture of ol' Indy right on one of the game days. The schedule is supposed to be an informational tool. Yes, the pocket schedules have always been covered with ads. But the little calendar squares--those are supposed to tell me who we're playing, where, and at what time. And look at that--the "Indy" day is a home game. It's supposed to be in red as per their key. But they've changed it to white (which signals an away game), JUST SO THE AD WILL SHOW UP BETTER. They care more about making money than they do about telling you the key piece of information about one of the games.

And yes, this ad is on all the MLB schedules.

I'm moving to Cuba.

I really thought I hallucinated this when I saw it this morning.

For shame MLB.
I don't own a calendar. Every year, the Red Sox schedule IS my calendar.

What do you do from November through February?

You might find it a little tough to blog from Cuba. I think you'd also be disappointed when you saw ads there too.

Is there nothing from which they can't eke out another dollar? Must our eyes be filled with ads at every waking moment????

LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for alerting us to this, Jere. Don't forget to email MLB to complain.
beazer: Yeah, didn't it seem like maybe a glitch in the browser window, like something got stuck on the screen from another window? I even thought when I reloaded, Indy might jump to a new square, until I realized 5/22 was the release date of the film.

AJM: I just ask somebody... or check the top of my computer for date/time. Actually, I do almost always get a calendar for Xmas, but seriously, at my desk at work, my main calendar is my printed-out Red Sox sked.

As for Cuba--there are ads everywhere, but my Cuba comment implied I'd rather get the hell out of such a capitalist place because I think it's crap, and our society is rapidly falling as a result of the focus people place on money. (And themselves over all others, if they know anyone exists besides them at all--I've been on the roads lately and it doesn't look like it!)

L: Amen. To me, this is the equivalent of calling up your town to ask what time the bus stops near your house, and them saying, "That bus stops on Chan Street at...'coming soon, to a theater near you, some movie where the only females in it are there as eye candy, plus, explosions and special effects that were created on a computer in five seconds but that everyone says are "amazing" anyway!'...10:04 PM sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?"
Doesn't the calendar still indicate the Sox are "vs" the Royals, instead of "@?"
It absolutely does--and people who check the schedule daily and know exactly when the games are (in fact, I have tickets to THAT game), still know it's a home game.

But to the casual fan--these are the ones who really rely on this schedule to get the necessary info--is going to be looking for red squares to see which are the home games. And once they see that it's white, even if they look closely and see "vs. KC"--well, that still doesn't say "at home vs. KC."

And even for me, if I'm glancing at some other team's schedule, and I want to know if they're home or away, I'm gonna think "white is away, (color) is home." And since that one with the ad is white, I might even think, Oh, they put "vs." but they must mean "@". The point is, they've risked confusion.

And, of course, I'd still be just as pissed with the ad being there even without that possible confusion. The home/away thing just goes to show that they care more about the ad than telling you the info you came to find out.
For what it's worth, I agree with you about the Indy ad on the schedule being really obnoxious...reminds me of the stupid Spiderman 2 logos on the bases several years back. At least the Green Monster has been (for the most part) ad-free for over 60 years now.

This country has been providing plenty of examples of the excesses of capitalism for well over a century may seem worse now, but I'm not really sure that's the case. I'd still rather live here than Cuba, though.
I was gonna put the usual "I'm moving to Canada," but I wanted to take it one step further in my anti-capitalism stance, so I went the Cuba route. I'm not really moving to Cuba or Canada, but I would love to visit Cuba, and who knows, maybe when I'm older I could live there... THe point is, I'm fed up with this country more and more every day, though I love the land itself. But I also love a lot of other places on the globe. What I'm trying to say is, I love my planet, I just hate what people have done with it.

Also, the "H" logo appeared a few days before the Indy ad. I thought that meant "hotels" as in, find a hotel if you're going to this game, kind of like the plane symbol that the Yanks started doing last year. But a friend just told me that the H is actually specifically "Holiday Inn." And come to think of it, I think the plane took you straight to Continental Airlines.

So, those two things are ads, too. At least, A. they are schedule-related, and B. they're just tiny icons, not a big ad over the whole day. But I still wish they weren't there.
I'm sympathetic to your POV, but I think you're overreacting.
I don't give a goddamn what you think about my reaction to this.

This is my blog, I'll do whatever the fuck I want.


Imagine if someone sad to you, Hey, stop getting so upset about your pet dying, it's just a stupid animal!
"but I think you're overreacting."

So try posting that on your own blog.

Please don't tell a blogger they're over-reacting on THEIR OWN blog. That's what blogs are for. Our own reactions, as strongly as we like them.

Save that "you're over-reacting" shit for your own blog, that's where it belongs.

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