Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sox Lose Game Two

The Americans of this city were ousted in the far west's Alameda county for yet another time Saturday. Ex-Boston draftee Duchscherer, since flipped for old BoSox moonlight mask-man Mirabelli, hitched his wagon to a brilliant star. The tall drink undid Boston's lackadaisical lineup, permitting but two men to travel the basepaths freely. Only "Big Papi" Ortiz hit safely for his base. Backstop and ceremonial corps chairman Varitek took the hard option to first base, his person catching a pitch rather than his rod. It was a painful night in the crouch as well for the captain, whose neck met with a piece of Oakland wood on a cut which launched a foul high one that Beantown's BB-shooter Beckett caught in the receiver's absence.

The Bostons saw a new tosser in the game's final frame, as Street rode the Athletic Elephant in from the sidelines, where he'd been honing his craft in wait. The front-running Sox did no finer versus the door-closer, and soon found themselves on the south side of a 3-0 tally. The travelling band of Red rooters who crowded the California aisles lingered, fingers crossed, for a locomotive that never surfaced on the horizon.

Ace of Boston darters and Texas national Beckett was close to the form he was known for in his World Championship years of '03 and '07, punching out nine Pachyderms in a seven inning stint. But the Sweeneys--brothers in name only--each clanged the trolley bell, primary-bag tender Mike doubling and crossing home, and outfield roamer Ryan performing a solo with his long dong. The former struck again off eighth inning sub, local hero Delcarmen, with a point-plating bingle that capped all scoring.

The Bostons try to avoid a straight flush by the Oak-landers in daylight tomorrow, hoping for more comfortable conditions in the Bay region, while eastern boob tube gazers will be afforded an early night's slumber. Lester, off his regicide last outing, will trade spherical file transfers with A's man Kentucky Kid Blanton.

Score Board:

NY's 12, Seattles 6. Tampabays 11, Charm Citys 4. Toronto's 6, KC's --. Nat'l Basketball Ass'n: Boston Celtics 94, Detroits 80 (Bos. leads 2,1)

you are out of your f'in mind....

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