Thursday, May 08, 2008

See It Go Up And Down

The purple team returned to the site of its famous comeback...and crapped the cot. I did get a hit in two at bats, but I, along with everybody else, screwed up a bunch in the field. I think it was 21-7 red team.

On our way home, we went through Kenmore Square. Sitting at the light, I noticed something as I looked up at the Citgo sign. Within the stalk of the "T" in CITGO, a little thing goes up and down, up and down. I think it's a light being turned off, making it appear as if a little bug is rapidly crawling up and down the T. The weird thing is, sometimes it goes to the bottom of the T, and reappears at the top. Like the way you can go off one side of the screen in a video game and come back on the other. It was constant. Maybe you have to be that close to the sign to notice. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? (Kim also noted as we started to drive away that "there was something going on with the 'O,' too."

Red Sox lead 5-1 in the seventh.

Update: Sox win 5-1. Our pitching continues to be, for the most part, the kind that makes you feel like there will be October baseball. With winning. And Youk is a dong-machine so far this year. This should have been a four-game sweep. But we'll take 3 of 4.

Hello to you on this early Friday morning. Yes, 4 of 4 would have been nice, but after Buchholz and Tavie, my goodness, the Sox showed SO much heart to take the one run lead heading into the ninth. A series of not ordinary events allowed us only to take 3 of 4, but it's goodbye Detroit for the rest of '08. The Twins and the Ugly Dome beckon, and the pitching matchups look good. If Hansen can give us ONE GREAT INNING when needed, the 'pen will be so much better. Have a great weekend Jere. Hi to the kitties!! Peter

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