Saturday, May 17, 2008

Schlemile, Schlemozzle, Schle-weep

That's gotta be rough for a Brewers fan. Go down 5-0, come back to lead 6-5, but then lose 7-6. Ugly second game with seven errors. Fans chanting "We want Gagne." Too bad Wake couldn't get the win. Nice job by Timlin to close it out with Pap unavailable. And I think Michael Leggett was at one of these games, so I'm glad he got a W.

So we win twice in a day. Awesome. Manny sat out game two, so he's still at 498. I'll be there tomorrow, rooting for two Manny dongs, as will Mighty Quinn, whose predicted day is 5/18. You can be there, too. Get four bleacher seats together and see the Sox on a Sunday afternoon. Or four together in the loge if you're rich. Ticket-hike dot com? No! The freakin' ticket office! Try it.

Between games we picked up some Vietnamese food from a place in Harvard Square. (Not too much VF in Boston--terrible!) On our way in, a guy came rushing up to us with a clipboard asking if we could do him a favor. He said he needed us to sign a petition, telling us to "just ignore what's on top of the page, the guy that runs this is a crazy right-winger--but this is for a church!" We read the top line: "I support George W. Bush and the Iraq War." So of course we just went, "Sorry!" (extra loud) and walked away. Isn't that weird? It seemed like a psychological experiment. Because why would a petition say that? What would the purpose be? And the fact that they went to a place where almost nobody would want to sign makes it seem even more fake. I think they were trying to see if people would sign anything. There were ten lines on the page, and they had four sigs, but they could've been fake to make it seem more real. Whatever. Real or fake, what a waste of our time. I'm fine with them wasting their own time, but leave us alone....we've got enough clipboard people to deal with in life.

I can't imagine a scenario where "but this is for a church!" would make me MORE likely to sign something.
Game 1 & Papi's 3 Run Dinger!

What is it with Energy Brands, that they have a Papi Picture, with the "Corona Dump", as his Backdrop, in the ads in Fenway?
Ryan, good point.

Michael--I hadn't noticed that. Which is weird, me not noticing stadium backgrounds....

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