Saturday, May 31, 2008

Notice I Leave Out The Incorrect Predictions

Two predictions I nailed tonight (which I have no proof of, unless you want to ask the people who were in the room with me):

1. Celtics down a few points, fourth quarter. I say the Pistons are done, the Celts will take the lead and all the pressure will be on Detroit, who will never regain the lead once they lose it. It happened, and the Cs are going to the Fs. No more games at that bush league Detroit arena. It's funny, in the 80s, in Celts/Lakers games, I didn't care about either team, but I rooted for the Lakers, who were just more fun to me as a little kid. After decades of hating the Lakers, though, and having enjoyed watching the Celtics this year, I'm on the other side. Of course, I won't be one of those people who buys a world champs shirt if the Celts win and pretend like I've been a fan all along, but I'm definitely rooting for them.

2. Red Sox tied in top of the thirteenth, needing baserunners. Now, on any given play, I'll yell out "tough sun" or "miss it" in a desperate attempt to Noonan the opposing fielder. On Manny's grounder I said "high throw." Usually I'll do this when the throw is on its way to first. I watch very carefully, and if I see the ball going slightly high or low, I'll point it out. And usually the ball ends up pretty much on target. But on this play, I yelled it out before the guy fielded the ball. Then he fielded it, and threw over the first baseman's head. Nice. We go on to win. Those are the Orioles who usually show up against the Yanks! About time we saw those Os.

We're at Camden tomorrow, with a shot at seeing/catching Manny's 50th. I can't believe it. All I've wanted for so long is to just have a chance to witness it. And I sat through two long homestands, constantly worrying about whether I'd get to go should he be at 498 or 499, with a ten-game road trip (i.e. no chance at seeing it live) in between, and now seven more road games, all with Manny within a few of the magic number. And now I've got a shot. Amazing. Do it already, Manny!

There does appear to be divine intervention into manny's bat - hopefully it is intended to allow you to see 500 live and not some dude with tickets in July.
Wooo HOOOO JERE!! Im SO happy you WERE THERE to see IT!!! WoooooOHOOOOOO...but Who won the Contest?? :)
Holy christ you saw 500!!
Yep, I saw it. It ruled. Thanks y'all.

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