Thursday, May 01, 2008

More Artsy, Less Fartsy

If you're lookin' for something to do this weekend and you're somewhere near Somerville, Mass, come see my photography at Somerville Open Studios.

It's noon - 5 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, and I will be showing a bunch of Fenway-related shots. Which, as a reader of this blog, you've probably seen already. But here's your chance to see them framed and matted, and to be able to tell me directly how awesome/shitty you think they are!

I'll be at 50 Thurston Street, in the gymnasium of St. Ann's church. (That's just where they put me, people.) And the prices, if you want to buy, will be totally affordable, as opposed to most "art," which seems to cost, like, $6,000. For a splotch of red paint on a canvas.

For all the details, click here. Hope to see you in the real world this weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm still recuperating this weekend, so a road trip to Somerville is out of the question at the moment, but I'll just tell you directly here that your photos are fantastic.
Thank you!!!

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