Monday, May 12, 2008

Mini-Losing Streak

Red Sox lose three out of four in Minny. With the Rays beating the Yanks tonight, they're only a half-game behind us for first place on May 12th. DeWayne Staats is psyched.

So Manny's got 498. Two dongs in Balty tomorrow night, tim wins the contest. Two by the next night, and Sosock wins. After that, Thursday off, and we'll talk about the weekend if necessary.

I want to announce a game soon. I'll probably do tomorrow or the next night, but I don't know yet.

After skimming thru the JoS thread this morning, I'm not too sad I missed that one.
LL has been way crazy lately, haven't been doing much putering.
The Rockies did beat the Reds from South LL last night in our best game of the season. Had to score 4 in the bottom of the 7th (we play 7) to do it, and they had only lost 1 previously!
Got to see the last few innings of Sunday night's game on ESPN. Nice comeback foiled by the White Flag.
Damn him. Lose him already.
Leave him at the airport with Lugo :)
Oh and the shots of the sun from your friend's place are great. Straight up or filtered?
The sunset shots were taken normally. You could stare right at that in real life.

And just so you know, Timlin is not called "White Flag" at my blog. I'm the one person over there who defends him, and if you look at last year's numbers, you'll see why. For some reason nobody over there can see that. He again got off to a rough start this year (after another injury and basically no spring training) but he has settled down some. I still say he's a perfectly fine reliever.

When people say stuff like, "it's clear, the guy can't get anybody out any more," that's just in their head. Look at his gamelogs from last year. After June 26th he pitched to a 2.00 ERA. His WHIP last year was about the same as Johan Santana's, even with the bad start he had after coming off the injury.

He's old and he may be toward the end, but I'm still giving him a chance.

The weird thing was, last year they all started with the same White Flag talk over there. I said, Wait, give this guy a chance, and Timlin proved me right. So I thought this year they'd lay off. But no, a coupe bad outings and it was as if last year didn't exist. Oh, and I checked his inherited runners last year, which had been a problem for him a few years back, and he was better than average last year.

Obviously I wouldn't get along with Mike off the field--he'd probably try to kill and eat me and hang my head on his wall. But he is the type of guy I want on my baseball team.

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