Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kwiz Roggenburk

In Morgan Burkhart's major league career, he played in the same starting lineup with four players currently playing in the Red Sox organization. Manny, Tek, Wake, and who?

Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder. Or "Ky-Sny" as he is better known. Organization being the key word.
Kyle Snyder?
Kyle Snyder?
Kyle Snyder?
1 point each!

That was another one of those weird ones where it depends how long I go without being at a computer...

One kwiz left!
Okay, standings updated. Ryan will get either first or second. pweezil can get 1st but could also be jumped by AJm for 2nd.

By the way, with this kwiz above, there just happened to be 6 answers when I checked. I wasn't waiting for 6 people to answer before giving points so I could split the 6 up evenly. It's always just random.

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