Monday, May 05, 2008

Kwiz Hyzdu

In 1997, Pedro Martinez became the first player in Major League Baseball history to do what? (As per ususal, it's gotta be "what I'm thinking of...")

I'll go with "Post an ERA+ over 200 while qualifying for the ERA title" , but I suspect that's not what you're looking for.
Win the Cy Young award as an Expo.
No and no.

I've got a helpful clue but I'm not givin' it out yet...
Became the first pitcher for a Canadian team to beat the other Canadian team.
1st Dominican-born Cy Young Award winner?
pweezil got basically what I was going for.

I was thinking, "first pitcher to record a strikeout in an official game between two non-USA teams." June 30th, 1997, Montreal at Toronto. But he also was the first pitcher to win a game in the same situation, as he won that day.

The other three guessers get a half-point:

pweezil: 4.5
AJM: 0.5
Ryan: 0.5
Mike: 0.5

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