Thursday, May 08, 2008


That was a really difficult ending. Papelbon comes in with a one-run lead. First guy gets on an an accidentally-hit tapper on a check swing. Next guy grounds to Lugo who "Renteria"s the play, ironically with Edgar himself having hit the ball. Next guy bunts the runners over. Next guy ties it on a ground out. And the last guy gets a broken bat bloop barely out of the shortstop's reach.

The Yankees would've been proud.

Pap does not deserve that blown save. He still got pissed, O'Neill-ing over some water coolers. If anything, he should have taken out his aggression on Lugo!

I'm still completely baffled as to how a guy can be ready to let a ball roll foul but then happen to slip, causing his foot to kick the ball JUST before it crosses the line, allowing the runner to reach first, as Double-H did tonight. I just keep thinking that one extra Tiger hitter because of that play cost us the game. (Or saved it from being a ten-run loss, you just never know.) Great job by our O for not giving up tonight. But they never do.

All the other teams in the east lost except for Toronto, though. The Yanks were blanked by the Indians, the team who used to play in the stadium where Warrant's Jano Lane saw Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy, Bob Seger, and more. Sorry, on our way home tonight, we heard Warrant on Rock Line. Same number since the 80s: 1-800-344-ROCK.

We watched the game at our friends' house, which is on the water up north of Boston. On our way up, we stopped here:
Jere Road! Last night I was checking Google Maps for things like Jere Road or Jere Street. (When your name's as unique as mine--it's just Jere, not short for anything--you look for this stuff. If my name was Main McGee or Broadway Davis I wouldn't need to do this crap. Then again, my last name's Smith, so once again I'm Even Steven. Which is weird because my mom said she almost named me Steven.) Anyway, I found there were three "Jere Road"s in the US. Incredibly, two are seven miles apart...and are both in my county! One's in Reading, Mass., the other is in Wilmington. There is also a Jere Street in Texas, a Jere Avenue in Tennessee, and a Jere Court and Lane in Missouri. So naturally our first stop on the Jere tour was Reading, where I snapped the above picture. We'll have to get Wilmington on a different day. It was pretty cool that this road was actually on the way to where we had planned to go tonight days before I got the idea to search for roads named after myself.

Above is the sweet view from our friends' place. The sun went through a band of clouds, and gave it this effect like it was an Alka-Seltzer just hitting a glass of water. I also like how the sky above the sun seems to never end. As the sun reached the bottom of the cloud band, it created this crazy galactic effect:


I'm just advertising my laziness here, but where exactly is the Jere Avenue in TN? If it's somewhere in the Nashville area, I might be able to grab a photo for you.
For me, more "whatta gonna do?" than "difficult". Nice dong by the Doctor to tie it though. After that and when Pedoria gave us the lead, tons of fans were streaming for the exits. TONS! Naturally, they will all say what a great game they saw last night. The fans that did stay acted like they won the World Series, but that's what happens when you are a last place team coming back on the defending champs.
Exactly--I just meant difficult to have to watch Pap get a "blown save" for having done absolutely nothing wrong.
Allen--Dyersburg, 50 miles west I guess. That would be cool if you could get over there at some point...thanks for the offer!
Jere Road...just the sound has the same ominous tone of Bruce's THUNDER ROAD. Anything can happen on that street, and probably will. BEWARE. Such is Jere Road. Nothing like his namesake.

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