Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jere Castiglione

I'll be announcing tonight's game on YouCastr at 7 PM. Follow this link to get to the broadcast. My internet connection hasn't cut out once today so it should be smooth proverbial sailing tonight. But always know that if you hear nothing, a team of workers, meaning me, is working on the problem and the 'cast should be up again shortly.

Even though hardly anyone ever does this, I'll put it out there again: If you want to talk to me live on the air during the game between innings or on the "post-game," AIM me at Two2067 or Skype me at Gedman10. There's also a comment board on YouCastr where you can ask me questions or tell me to eff off or whatever. And I also usually follow the Joy of Sox game thread, too, so feel free to join that party.

[Of course, as I was about to post this, my connection cut out. So I tricked the jinx gods--we got the jinx out of the way now, so later we should be....ah well, you get the point. Shhhh.]

I have to brag-Ethan got a 2-run homerun last night! Against the wind, I might add. ;-)

I'm an idiot. I read on your blog earlier that your fave Giant, Ethan, hit a homer. And I thought, Oh, Amy must like this guy on the SF Giants because he has the same name as her son...

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