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Did you ever try to go to some baseball team's website by typing in their nickname followed by ".com," only to discover that that team doesn't have the right to that web address? I remember this happening in the early 2000s when I'd try to get tickets to see the Red Sox in Baltimore. I'd type "" and it would always be some weird site about alcohol or vacations or something--I don't remember exactly. Remember, this was in the days when all the MLB sites weren't linked up; you couldn't just go to one site and click the drop-down menu for the list of all the other teams' sites. (I liked it better when each team's site had its own personality.)

Anyway, the O's have long since solved their problem, which I'm sure many teams used to have. But there are some teams who still don't own "[theirnickname].com." Here are those unlucky eight:

1. takes you to a site run by two people (who I assume are twins), Durland & Darvin Miller. It's just one page which tells you the site is under construction, and gives their contact info. I wonder if they're still waiting for that call from the Twins to see if they'll sell. The only other thing on there besides their crude logo is a little counter which shows two and a half million hits...

2. is one of those weird search sites that has specific searches for birds and bird-related stuff.

3. is a tourist site with info on both the American and Canadian Rocky Mountains. With expansion teams, there's a chance the site was there before the team even existed. The Rockies probably went in thinkin', "we're probably not gonna get"

4. just links to a page that says "bad request (invalid hostname)." Put in a "www," though, and you get a login screen for something called "NetAthletics," a division of "SelliQuest."

5. was scooped up by the New York football Giants before the baseball team could get their hands on it, it appears.

6. was not grabbed by the New York Rangers, but the Texas club couldn't get it either, as it's an search page.

7. still links you to the team's site, but they're officially called the Rays now. was taken by a restaurant in Seattle, though. Tough shit, Tampa.

8. Finally, the coolest one, Just click there and check it out. Some dude from South Korea owns it, and the Angels tried to screw him over! The guy just won't give in, and has the law on his side.

All these teams can also be reached by their full name, like, will take you to their site. Actually, I haven't typed all those in, maybe some teams don't own their full city name and nickname dot com. But like I said, all the MLB sites are linked together, so you really only need to find one and you've found them all. Or, you know, just do a search on the team name. But I still think it's cool that some people have these sites and refuse to sell!

Even though the Angels are being jerks and couldn't possibly reasonably expect to trademark a word as inspecific as 'angels' it is weird that the guy who owns the domain is using it ONLY to advertise the fact that he owns it instead of the baseball team. Taunting the Angles is fun and all (the baseball gods don't get tired of it) but he could get more out of such a common web domain.
I was looking for more stuff on that site, but you're right, he seems to do nothing with it. Maybe he used to do more but after the Angels tried to screw him he just uses it strictly for taunting purposes.
As of May 2013, the Cardinals, Rockies, Athletics and Angels now have control of their domains.
Thanks. I did do a recent update on these:

But as of then, the Rockies still weren't controlling their own.

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