Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High Five

Now we're in the fifth. Tek just hit a dong to make it 2-0 us.

In the fourth, Manny made a great catch running toward the wall. He then climbed the wall, high-fived a fan, came back down, and threw into the infield where the runner was doubled off first. I love this man. If you're at work--go home and watch this immediately. Hilarious. Great shots of the rest of the team watching the replay in the dugout and cracking up.

3-0 on the Lowell dong.

Great outing so far for Lester. Most encouraging is that he only has 2 walks and 52 pitches through 5 innings.
So, of course I just jinxed him with that comment...2 on, none out.
Aw crap. I freakin' hate Jay Payton. Thank god this road trip is over.

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