Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Buchholz to 15-day DL with "broken nail." Come on. So Van Every will come up to help out in the outfield since Coco's nauseous and Drew tried to scratch his right elbow with his right hand.

Buchholz to 15-day DL with "broken nail." Come on.

I feel like a dork saying this, but it depends on where the break on the nail is located. If it's past the "quick" of the finger tip (i.e. the skin that's used to being out in the air, it's like a mild blister. If the broken nail is located on a finger that Clay uses to set his pitches, it makes perfect sense for them to have him not pitch.
I was just saying that in a "oh come on, he's shitting the bed so we say he's got a broken nail so he can go on the DL which is just code for time off" kinda way.
Gotcha. That is a valid point and it's something I didn't consider.

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