Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fourth Wave

In my lifetime, the orange juice container hasn't changed much. First there was the classic carton, where you'd have to fold back the flaps and then push up and out. Then they made the carton plastic and bigger. Then they took the original carton and added a circular hole in the middle of one side of the top, and put a cap on it. Those last two styles have been what we're stuck with. Until now. Finally a fourth idea has been uncovered. The same plasti-carton, only with a flip-top.

So they got that goin' for 'em.

OJ > crappy coffee

Yes, but OJ < great coffee
In my email, this comment appeared as

"Yes, but OJ"

I was ready to come here with my smart aleck answer, but I guess the Pac-Man symbol just caused problems.

Anyway, you're banned for saying anything positive about coffee.

Just kidding.

Coffee ice cream is great though. They should make coffee taste like that. And be cold. And solid.

Also, I like coffee Coolattas.
Coffee Coolattas are good for, like, the first 2 sips, and then they are way too sweet. I like plain old coffee with cream, no sugar. Someday I'll graduate to black.
mmmm...coffee (in my best Homer Simpson voice)
Amy - Oh no! Don't go BLACK! ;>
I like a shot of hazelnut, cream, and 1 and only 1 splenda.
As you can imagine, I usually have to make my own.

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