Thursday, May 15, 2008

For Now...

video credit: Sox & Dawgs. I ended up continuing to be lazy and not uploading it myself. Somehow I knew "uncut" video is where we'd see this stick. It's like em ell bee doesn't know there are other places to put video or something. I can just see their little minions heading back to base: "I scoured YouTube, sir. Got 'em all!"

call me biased, but this may be the greatest play in the history of american sport...
Hello Jere and Matty. All I know is that Manniness was so so sweet, and brings a huge smile, a proud one, every time. Now if only the pitching can return where it was 10 days ago!!
They may take our YouTube, but they'll never take our freedom!

There is a blog with a clip of it up on Redlasso.
But the clip in my post IS still working..... just hit play.

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