Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fenway Music

The people in charge at Fenway are always trying to come up with appropriate music to play. I remember reading early in life about how John Kiley played the Hallelujah chorus after Fisk finally ended Game Six after four hours. And recently, we'd have fun trying to figure out how the song played right before the game related to the visiting team. They also do the usual ballpark thing of playing songs that fit in with pitching changes/mound conferences, and picking songs that relate directly to a player's name. They also have to be sure to be at the ready to play each home player's self-selected at bat music. (Have you noticed Jacoby's been going with "Cherub Rock"? Cool.)

Anyway, here's something new they're doing. I noticed this at the last two games I've been to--both day games. In the four or five I'd been to this year before last Sunday, they weren't doing this. So it's either "the new thing" or the "day game thing." Around the time vistors' batting practice is endng, they start in with the organ music. At Sunday's game against the Brewers, the song that started playing was the Mr. Belvedere theme. I realized why immediately: Bob Uecker is an announcer for the Brewers, and of course, starred on Belvedere. After finishing this song, the organist went into a series of other TV themes, mainly 80s ones.

That Thursday, I went to another day game, against the Royals, and this time, they started the organ music with the "Hill Street Blues" song. Hmmm...okay, I see, Royals, with their blue jerseys. After that, again, they continued playing other TV themes. I did think maybe because a lot of kids go to day games, they do it for them. But then again, what do today's ten-year olds know about Mr. Belvedere and Hill Street Blues?

So if you go to a game this year (again, I'm assuming this is just a day game thing), listen for that first organ song and see if that TV theme relates to the visitors.

The above video is what I shot during Belvy and HSB. In the first clip, Uecker is in the booth, though it's impossible to see him without a zoom (like in the pic I took that day shown below). And in the second, I shot some Royals in their Hill Street Blue uniforms. You may have to play the thing a few times for your brain to grasp the song--since they start right in the middle of the tunes. Also note again that these videos are crystal clear--until you put them on GooTube. Theirrrr mistake.

I think I might announce tonight's late game. Check back here before the game for details.


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