Friday, May 23, 2008

Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake

Right on cue, Joe Girardi comes out with some fake blow-up, and the team talks about the "spark" that will surely emanate from it. The umpire, along with the rest of us, was laughing while Joe "argued." It was such an obvious spark-attempt, he couldn't even make it look real. "Look at me, I'm mad, see?!" It's like with that "mad fisherman" guy. You're not "crazy" because you say "I'm crazy" a lot. Look, Yanks, if something is going to spark you, it's going to have to happen naturally. You can't force it.

That doesn't mean I don't love that they're in this state of having to do shit like that to try to get something going, knowing that Big Bank Hank is watching closely with his finger on the button.

Now about this instant replay thing. Of course there should be instant replay in baseball. I just heard Jayson Stark saying how it should be there for home run calls only; the "human element" has always been in the game, so it should stay there, he says. I agree that the human element should stay in the game--with the players, not the umps. Why shouldn't we make every attempt to make the game as fair as possible? Is that really his excuse for keeping the game unfair? That it's "always been there"? Not the best way to progress in life....

I'm not saying they should haphazardly add a bunch of stuff to the game. Make sure it's right before you implement it. But do it already, it's 2008.

wow sox are in first 7.5 games up above the yankees and you guys still are obsessed with us. thank you for flattering all us new yorkers
...said the Yankee fan who went to a Red Sox FAN BLOG.

I love this new "you're flattering us, thanks" angle. Flattery is when you say nice things about someone. When I call you a fucking douchebag, that would be the opposite. Again, trying to shame me out of--god forbid--paying attention to my hated rival as I've done all my life and have done regularly on this blog for over four years will not work. You people have to deal with being CHOKING LOSERS now, face it.

By the way, there are plenty of non-Yankee fans from the New York area. I am one of them.

Again, you're a total douche, thanks for stopping by and again proving my point about ridiculous, retarded, shit-for-brains, loser Yankee fans.
:Ignoring the idiot Yankees fan:

I'm so glad you saw that too, Jere. Girardi's meltdown was so fake it was transparent. Kay was so excited about it getting the team charged up. Give me a break.

If he wants people to think he's a horse's ass, with these fake meltdowns and having his pitchers throw at batters when they have no call to, all Girardi is really doing is showing the world what a douche HE is.
Not bad, Jere. Put up a post and a Yankees fan comes by and comments in about 30 minutes.

And we're obsessed?


Just like when someone says Joba celebrates too much when getting outs in the 8th inning, the Yankee fan will inevitably whine "But Papelbon does it too!!!!" like a frustrated 5-year-old.
I know, right? I spend six hours at Fenway yesterday and probably two more getting a post together of all my pics, and then I write for five minutes about the Yanks and here they come, telling me I'm spending too much time on the Yanks.

And Cyn, good job ignoring....I try to do it usually, but sometimes they prove my point so perfectly, I let the comment through....
Jere's Mom here, trying once again to get past the Google police.
I read in the NY Times that Girardi calculated his tantrum to fluster the young opposing pitcher. Worked.
I'm trying once again to get past the Google police.
I read in the NY Times that Girardi calculated that a tantrum would fluster the young opposing pitcher. Worked.

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